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Hello! I'm fairly new and I'm trying to learn German.

I have a question about Duolingo effectiveness. Can I actually learn fluent German in this or do I just use this as practice while learning somewhere else? I have been using this for not too long and I question if I can really learn good German.

April 21, 2017


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The nice thing about German as a language is that there are many resources available outside of Duolingo. I recommend going through Duolingo, gathering a pretty solid foundation, and then embarking on other learning opportunities. Readlang.com is a good one for reading practice. YouTube has some great German language cartoons (I've been listening to Futurama in German) There are also obviously songs, and qualified native speakers giving grammar lessons. I subscribe to a German language newspaper. I get it once a week on my tablet so that's pretty cool too. Anyway, yes, do Duolingo. It won't make you fluent. But it's probably the best place to start! Good luck!

April 22, 2017


Basically not, this app is really amazing and helpful, you can't learn eveything on here though, when you finish this app, you'll know the basic grammar and intermediate of it, maybe you'll be able to converse with someone, I recommend you read books, watch videos and movies in german once you get finished this app, I hope this helps and good luck with it.


As the others said you can learn the basics and some vocab, but you'll need to supplement elsewhere too. However that said, a part I really like about duo is the community aspect, people are quick to give you ideas on how to suppliment, places to get more practise and connect with others. I love getting ideas from others on how they practise offline too, or on other sites it's handy. Generally speaking even with language classes there's never really a method that'll give you 100% effectiveness by itself, you need to practise in everyday situations too.


No, it's impossible to be fluent with Duo alone. Duolingo just gives you basics and that's it. It't just a stepping stone for a language. Becoming fluent takes years and years of practice. Usually people who use duo also use books, watch movies etc.


Can you learn to dance solely from watching YouTube videos? Or get good at a sport by reading the rule book? Or play an instrument by going to lots of concerts? No. You actually have to DO IT, you have to get onto the dance floor, the playing field, twang those guitar strings till your fingers bleed. Same with a language - you can only get fluent by talking to people who also speak that language, and it's a process that usually takes years. Duolingo is but a starting point.


No the total vocabulary in German is about 2700 words. The average person knows about ten times that and there are over 100000 words you will need other stuff look at popular posts in German forum for ideas


I do not think it is advanced enough at this point to get you fluent but it is an excellent starting point. I am looking for fellow learners to join my German club (only works on the app) if you would like to join. The code is EXM8PU. Happy learning!


Based on my previous experience learning Spanish, I can say that Duolingo will enable you to "get by" in Germany. You will be able to read anything you need to read. You will be able to shop in German. You will not be able to converse, however. It's a great start, though!


No. This is the best app for VOCABULARY. If you want to speak fluently, you have to use an app like Italki or Hellotalk to interact with natives. Duolingo is a great site for vocab but not enough to become fluent.


When I think I'm doing really well, I go to Der Spiegel Deutsch and try to read the news...LOL Always testing where I am with German new sites and German movies.


As a qualified German teacher I would say Try other websites like memorise and YouTube. Memorise for flash cards and YouTube for videos. When on YouTube Try ''German beginners '' .That's my tip of the day. Hope its useful. :P


I can't answer for German but I have finished the French tree. Duolingo has made me reach about an A2 level. It is very good for a start and it makes you fameliar with the basics. However you will need to put more work in order to achieve fluency. Viel Glück!


i have had 5 years of german in the past and so i decided to take it again


hello i am learning german too


I have German lessons at school and I still use it during the lesson as the teacher tells me to so.... Yes also try it on computer #so-good

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