"Amini usiamini"

Translation:Believe it or not

April 21, 2017

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♪Amini usiamini, ninatembea hewani...♪


Siwezi kuamini sio siagi!


Could someone break down "usiamini" for me? - What does the "u" represent?


Then please break down "amini". Why no "u" there?


Its an imperative. The afirmative, like in English, doesnt require "u". For negative, it uses usi- as generalprefix made of "u" (imperatives are adressed to 2nd person), and "si" (negative form). 2nd person of plural they use -eni (dont ask me inatoka wapi)


Thanks very much!

I just had a look at the Tips and notes for this lesson and saw that they don't explain negative imperatives (as in "Don't!") at all. I could only pick this up from the lesson comments.


It is covered in earlier lessons (But it can be a challenge to keep everything in mind at the same; which is also why it's good that they bring it up again!)


PetterNord is right. I found it later in the Tips and notes on the subjunctive. That lesson is peculiar, because it is full of imperatives!

EDIT: Am I right that the difference between imperative and subjunctive is much more subtle in Swahili than in English? If so, I can see why they find it hard to place these sentences.

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