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Possibly Stupid Question

I feel like I'm maybe missing something, but if there are no activity streams (for now), how are we supposed to report chronic spammers and offensive users to mods?

April 21, 2017



You can still message people, and mods should get it in their inbox (email). Of course, our reporting abilities are most definitely hindered.


@hughcparker asked Luis pretty much the same question and this is what he answered.

Mods will temporarily get a direct message feature that will allow them to do their job.

Now I assume that means after everything changes over to the new code. Until then I think you will still be able to use the chat box under the mod's bio page, the only thing is you won't be able to see what you wrote after you refresh the page.

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However - if you have a complex issue, we do have the ability to send you a link - so we can have a conversation - if you also have your email turned on.


Yes, I know. That's why I was wondering how we will communicate with moderators, now that Activity is gone.


I was wondering the same thing because I've found so many things to report and I can't!

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