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What Language Would You Like To Learn, But Never Seem To Get Around To?

What language(s) are you really wanting to learn but never get around to doing it because of lack of time or resources or just general forgetfulness?

Mine is Finnish.

April 22, 2017



I'd like to learn Italian due to many reasons, however regrettably I don't have enough time to add a new language course. :(


For me it was German, until I discovered Duo. I had been meaning to get back to it for 8 years. And, for 5 years now, Farsi.


mine was Spanish


Persian & Albanian. Started many times, but never seem to keep at it.


Russian and Suomi :D


It was Spanish for me until I found Duolingo. Now it's Finnish, Icelandic, Latin and Gothic.


It's finnish for me too..I've been wanting to learn it for years


For me it's Japanese. I've been trying for at least a couple years now, but every time I get frustrated with Hiragana and Katakana I just quit (it's soooo easy for most people!). I think the trick is to just stick to it for more than a few days lol even if most people can master them in a few hours. I'm using Tinycards now and its helping a lot!!


Try the app HelloChinese

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Japanese and Italian especially (I know some basics of both, though). Part of me would also like to learn Korean, which I don't know at all except for hangeul (their writing system) and a few greetings and stuff.


Upvote for Korean. I always forget that I want to learn Korean.

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감사핲니미다 (thank you)


Icelandic and Hindi


Attic (Classical) Greek and Swedish.

Almost made it w/ Greek, as I could read Koine (Biblical) Greek quite well 20-25 years ago but never made the transition to Attic Greek, and now I'd have to start over w/ lots of review. Swedish because my father's parents spoke it.

First though I want to get my Russian to a better level (it's what my mother's parents spoke) . . . then there is a boatload of other languages that would come after Greek and Swedish.


LOL, that made my day.


French, Hindi, Russian, Chinese.


Haha hello fellow Finnish-procrastinator :D I'll probably take a class next semester, so I hope I'll get to it actually. Otherwise I've been trying to brush up on my French because I learned it for four years in school but somehow I really can't find much motivation aside of my main target language (Swedish) right now. (Not to speak of a bunch of other languages I think are awesome but will probably never properly learn.)

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