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Quick, I need podcasts about language. TY!


I'm fixing a patch on my vest this evening and I'd like to listen to something while I do so. Anyone with an interesting podcast or YouTube episode about language I can listen to while I do this? I don't want to search through an entire set, so please just suggest your favorite episode (are they called episodes?) I'm not looking for a podcast to teach me a language, so much as a podcast (in English) that talks about language itself. So, history, culture, that sort of thing.

Title of the episode, a blurb about it, and whether or not they come with transcripts are great details to include in your comments.

I'll post a picture of the patch once I've finished relocating it. :)

Thanks! :D

April 22, 2017



podcastfrancaisfacile.com works very wells. Sadly, you're not learning French!


Thanks for reminding me I should clarify some details! I hope that those who are learning French can enjoy your podcast. :)


De rien! Bonne chance dans tes élèves en français!


Edit: History of English does have transcripts.

I like History of English: http://historyofenglishpodcast.com/2013/08/page/3/ It is a history podcast so you'd probably want to start at episode two, because the first one is mostly an introduction to the podcast.

I am also a fan of Lexicon valley. Its later episodes are hosted by John McWhorter (one of my favorite linguists). I like this episode; it's about the word "like" and its many uses in Modern English.


I forgot all about Lexicon Valley! Thay have some great podcats :D

My friend suggested Grammar Girl and Speculative Grammarian. These appear to be pretty short, 3 or so minute podcasts. So, I'm going to listen to:


Edit: Upon listening, I think SpecGram is a language satire podcast.

And then look through the Lexicon Valley podcasts for ones I haven't listened to yet.

Update: Since I am super enthusiastic about the movie Arrival, I've decided to listen to:

What The Wizard of Oz Can Tell Us About Arrival

Thanks again!


Can you tell me a short bit about it? Thank you, you also reminded me of a detail I can add to the OP to help with clarity. :)


Ok, y'all will have to wait until tomorrow for the patch update. It took me too long to find a podcast and I started planning a hiking trip with a friend for tomorrow. :P

In the meantime, feel free to keep suggesting your favorite podcast episodes. I look forward to listening to them. If they come with transcripts, please note that so folks who prefer to read can enjoy them too. :)



Good morning from Scotland

I would make a podcast just for you

all the best Jack


That is an image I shall never be able to get out of my head.


Remember that “vest” means “waistcoat” on the western side of the Atlantic.


'Vest' means something way different at the East Pacific (West Coast)


“Vest” has a number of meanings in North America, but none of them match its most common meaning in the UK. Which meaning did you have in mind?


West Coast 'vest' means a jacket, with not sleeves. So, kind of like an undershirt, but kind of like a jacket.


Yes, that meaning of “vest” also exists elsewhere in North America.


There's a recent episode about swearing on How Stuff Works:

There is no transcript, but it's based on an article:

(I guess this comes to late for your evening)

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