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+100 learners for Modern Yiddish course!

Hello everyone, so 5 months ago I shared a post to our huge modern Yiddish course which is made by (Me), (Levi Polasak), (Israel Polasak) in memrise.com:-


And now our course has reached over 100 learners, so for that we are planning to create more and new skills hopefully to complete all the course with audio which will be made by natives and fluent speakers.

And I think there are a lot of people who didn't see our post 5 months ago, so here is again announcing for our modern Yiddish course as also it seems to be that Duolingo's Yiddish course will take ages to be completed and also when I saw Duolingo's Yiddish course, it was STANDARD YIDDISH which is not used anymore, so we made a course for the MODERN YIDDISH which is used by the natives in their lives.

PS:- 1- It is modern Yiddish and not the standard Yiddish, modern Yiddish is the Yiddish spoken by the native speakers (everyday use), so it is the slang not the standard language.

2- The audio is not complete to all the lessons but we will do our best to complete all the audio as soon as possible.

And at last you will receive a Yiddish certificate to appreciate you for finishing the Yiddish tree.

And there is Tips And Notes on every lesson to explain the important things in it.

And now we will make our Yiddish tree bigger and better than before with effective audio and new skills.

So, give it a look and you won't regret ;)

April 22, 2017



I started your Memrise course but I never finished it due to lack of time. What's the main differences between Modern and Standard? Does the metal band Gevolt sing in Modern Yiddish?


99% of songs you'll find online in Yiddish are in Standard Yiddish. It's not really "modern vs old" it's more like "standard vs chassidish", there's a few chassidish dialects but as a whole they're much much much more similar than standard vs chassidish, if that makes sense. Like brooklyn accent in new york vs bronx, or a british accent, there's a much smaller difference in brooklyn vs bronx than both vs britain if that makes sense? But standard pronounces "ey" instead of "ai", "ooh" instead of "eeh" and they use very very different words many many times


I see. Does Yiddish speaker pronounce v/was sound like f as in German or not?


It depends honestly, like wasser or however you say it in German, we say "vasir", "etwas" is "epis" and "erwachsen werden"="oufvaksen", it's like a whole different language really, as a Yiddish speaker, I can't understand fluent German, barely conversational if it's super slow


Btw, about the band, I listened to their song "Khokhotshet" and understood maybe 15%, and I speak Yiddish every day, all day


If you only knew standard Yiddish, would speakers today at least understand what you're trying to say or is it too different?


They would mostly understand what you're saying but not fully. Standard Yiddish uses words that Chassidish Yiddish users have never heard of (the course is Chassidish Yiddish)


This is great. I just started it today.

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