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Am I not able to hear the correct way to say the words?

I tried contacting duolingo the one link I found does not work. I see a icon beside the new words but when I push nothing. I would have thought saying the words was as important as knowing the meaning or does that part come later?

April 22, 2017



For which language? Irish, for example, does not have a recording for every instance of the word, but does have at least one recording for every word. That is different from Spanish which uses a computer voice instead of a live recording. If it is for Spanish, check your Settings.


Try reposting this on Troubleshooting, you'll find better answers.


Do you have your ringer and sound effects turned on?


I have the same problem with the PC version in Italian language. All my sounds are turned on, but nada - no voice from the program.


Yes when I answer correctly I get a ding and other programs I hear all


Yes its spanish were do I go to check settings inside duolingo

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