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"Michael and Mary have disappeared!"

Translation:Mihai și Maria au dispărut!

April 22, 2017



”Michael și Mary au dispărut” rejected?


no, didn't i tell you few sentences ago that they are in the corn field?


why are we translating names?


Romanian (bad) habit, from the Russian influence. I still remember when I was child, we lived like 50 km from the border, and we could watch Russian TV with a good antenna, which was OK, as long as Romanian TV was not showing anything beside of ceaușescu's face, at least, Russian TV was showing cowboy movies. Yay! But they were not subtitled, like on Romanian TV, they were just talking Russian louder over the original sound, which was still barely audible in the background. Therefore you could see John Wayne's big face saying ”Jim, give me the gun!”, and hear ”Alioșa, davai pistolet!”, which was extremely funny for us as kids.

In the nineties I was working in China, where McDonald's was Mai-Dan-Lau, and Madonna was Mai-Dan-A (they have a Chinese meaning too, which you can search on the web - Chinese names have meanings) and it was in the period when the Texas Ranger was in vogue, so every Saturday you could see Chuck Norris' ugly face on the screen saying ”Wo shi Waa Kăăă” followed by something non-reproducible that sounds identical to Romanian profanities (I am Walker I come to arrest you, but if you are Romanian you should see how that sounds in Chinese).

Now,. opinions vary here, many linguists say we should use Romanian names for places and proper names that came into Romanian language long ago, so we call London -Londra, same way as you call our capital Bucharest, and not București, as we call it. But almost all American cities, we call them the same way (same spelling, but the pronunciation may differ), and we should NOT translate the proper names. In fact, we only translate the names which are very common in our language (less then 10 such names) or if they are very difficult to pronounce, and do not translate the others. Some other linguists say we should use the original spelling and pronunciation, where possible.

But as said, opinions vary, and it seems Duo always adheres to the other side than us :P


If translating names is required by DL, then the following ones should work ;-) Mary: Maria, Măria, Mărie, Mării, Măriuța, Mărioara, Mița
Michael: Mihail, Mihai, Mișu, Mihăiță, Mihăilă, Mihale, Mihu, Mișone list is open :-D


You forgot Mioara, Miorița, Mia, Miuța, etc, hahaha. Good one! Thanks.

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