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  5. "Tunashuka kituo cha basi"

"Tunashuka kituo cha basi"

Translation:We are getting off at the bus stand

April 22, 2017





nm (vi-) [ki-/vi-]

1 stop: ~ cha basi bus stop, intermission, stopover;

2 end of a journey.

3 station: ~ cha mabasi bus station; ~ cha treni/gari la moshi railway station; ~ cha Polisi Police Station; ~ cha ndege (za jeshi la anga) airbase;

  • 2 nm (vi-) [ki-/vi-] full stop.
  • 3 nm (vi-) [ki-/vi-] silence, peace, calmness, quiteness.

Note: nm means nomino (noun)

From Swahili.it / Swahili-English Dictionary




In Kenya they often say "steji" for "bus stage" or station.


Good to know! I have been reading a little about Nairobi Swahili. I am really curious about why some people think of this as Simplified Swahili and perhaps it is because there are less use of class nouns comparing with Standard Swahili but I think there are also rich concepts and terms we can find in Kenya. I have found two or three interesting works in Google Books and there is a research about Swahili and other Bantu languages, now I cannot remember well but it is related to the Swahili word for "fireman" (mzimatoto) and the Bantu root for "zima". :)


Tutashuka wapi? Tunashuka kituo cha basi hiki.


The audio sounds a bit like kitua instead of kituo. Is the vowel sound that non-critical?


Why not 'We get off'? Is it something to do with doing something habitually?

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