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The Intelligent Duolingo

Having been teaching English structures and Yoga/Meditation lifestyle for very creative 10 years, I cheerfully recommend this cute Duolingo project to every friend now. I am learning German right now for the next year's Erasmus programme in Heidelberg. Witnessing my progress makes me so satisfied. Thanks a million to the creators and supporters <3

April 22, 2017



That is pretty awesome! My family is from Germany but my dad isn't often home to speak it with me and didn't have the patience to teach it so I used Duolingo to really brush up on my skills. I love it and find that I have an easier time remembering the words because it's more fun and exciting. I actually also love the club addition, that little friendly competition makes it a little more encouraging.


Thanks for writing. Good luck (y)


Good luck with your learning ! P.S. : I love Yoga and meditation


Love and light to you too <3

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