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Are you a 50+ student? I am older than 50, just wondering how many more 50+ people use Duolingo.

April 22, 2017


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I am significantly older. You could be my son.


Certainly I would be honoured. Enjoy it here!

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Gracias. Buena racha!!


There are a lot of us.


I am well over 50 and I use it!


I fit the category. Love the site.


I think there are a lot more people over 50 in the German to English (or any other language) forum, it is just a reflection of the general population. Is German easy to learn for a Polish speaker?


I am C2 certified in German (live 14 years in Germany already). It is a difficult language but beautiful when one can understand it well (takes a lot of time to master...)


I am older than you


Hi Greg, I am in my mid sixties and have never learnt a second language. I am doing french on Duolingo. I dont think I could handle any more than one language at a time. By the looks of it, you are a busy man doing all those languages. Well done.


Dear KAthy, you are doing great. Enjoy your French! Meilleurs voeux de Hanovre, Allemagne.


There are many older people on Duolingo, it seems. I'm retired and over 65. I hope you enjoy Duo as much as I do!


I'm also well past 50.


Yes I am seventy


I also am in the elderly crowd, with a couple of grandchildren.


I am quite a bit older than that and I love duo. I'm planning on being here for a long time.... there are a lot of languages to learn! :)


Great question! Can I steal it for the 40+ crowd? And now that activity stream is gone, my much younger followers can't see how old I really am. :)


I think your post is great. A question especially for the older fifty plus students. Why are you studying languages and why did you chose the language/ languages you did. My reason: Over past 10 years I have lost many of my friends and family. Some passed away and others to dementia. I am too old to be scared of death but I am terrified of the mental disease. I chose German because of my heritage.. Like to hear other viewpoints/reasons etc.


Dear BurkMiggo. You honour me with your post. German is a wise choice for a studying language. Have fun with it! Greetings from Hannover (Germany). GKJ


I am! Used to be quite a few, I seldom venture to "discussion" unless I've got a problem ie: needing help... I get tired of weeding thru the chatter... I've been with DL for awhile, I lost my streak after about a yr, (was in hosp) & had to start over. Even though my streak is a nice one it doesn't truly reflect my true number, but that's okay. My illness damaged my short term memory & beginning again was difficult. But as a senior I think we are determined, have to be, and resilient....built in! I've enjoyed learning Spanish, something I'd put off for a long time... For those who need encouragement, you can do it, it's really worth it! For those who've mastered, I tip my hat to you, well-done!
I could've blasted thru lessons in a month and bragged about the gold owl but I wouldn't have learned very much. By taking my time, searching out the "who, where it goes, definitions, etc" I've accomplished quite a bit... Seniors rock!


Bravo! your are completely right Neena!


you are not alone. sailorbill79 (the clue in the name)


Bravo! Thank you for sharing. GKJ


Hi Greg. I am sixty with a big +. Learning English make me happy. I retired and I have much time for myself. There is the first time in my life I don't have to be in a hurry. By the way. I'm from Warsaw.


Great. I admire you. Continue with what makes you happy. Finally that is all that counts! Gorąco pozdrawiam z Hanoweru :)


I am 55lus and love Duolingo

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