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[Potential bug] Moderator/Admin: Where can you find this word to strengthen?

I have several words in my words list that has low strength (1 bar). I am trying to refresh them by going to the Skill they are found. The skill they are supposed to be found is indicated to the right of the word list when you click on word. Typically, I try to locate the actual skill the word has appeared by searching the word in the word list of units. But even after many times strengthening the Skill and units of the skill, I still have some words at 1 bar.

Take for example the word "depths" in Spanish from English course. According to Duolingo this is supposed to be in "Ciencia" skill of the course. Clicking "Más detalles" (More details) button reveals the sample sentences we are supposed to find the word. There is NO example sentence given for this word. The box is empty. In addition, the "Traducción" (translation) column is also empty.

So, question to Duolingo: Where do I find this word to strengthen?

I am suspecting that this word is no longer in any unit but somehow remains registered in my word list. I have a bunch of words in both Spanish from English and English from Spanish that I am not able to refresh.

What are the status of these words? If there are no longer a way to refresh these words, I think they need to be removed from my word list.

Finally, in addition to the "Skill" they are found can Duolingo link to the exact Unit of the Skill we are supposed to find the word? That would allow revising the word so much more easier.

Luis talks about giving better tools to the learners but recently we have a shrinking set of tools. Anyway, here is a possibility to make an impact without too much programming effort.

April 22, 2017


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I have found this annoying as well. It would be nice to be able to refresh individual words. I have words that haven't been refreshed for a year so it seems strange that they don't come up when I go straight to the unit and do a strengthening exercise, whilst other words seem to be repeated even though I am having no difficulty with them.

April 23, 2017


Another interesting issue:

In the Spanish from English course word list, there are two "puedo" in the list. I have one at 5 bars and the other one at 1 bar. They are pointing to different skills. One can be refreshed in the skill and other one (the one with the 1 bar) does not refresh in the skill indicated. So, the relationship between the words and skills they are found is broken.

April 27, 2017


I suspect that this happened when they rearranged the skill tree. New words in lessons are orange when I first encounter them, and those work fine. If only there were a way to delete words from the known words list and then have them show up as new when redoing the lesson.

I'm actually considering resetting my progress by removing the language and adding it again.

Edit: I sometimes do get the words in my flashcard practice, but they don't update even when I click "I was right."

April 26, 2017


I did reset my progress only to eventually end up with the same problem again anyway.

April 28, 2017
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