"Anapenda sukari mno"

Translation:He loves sugar a lot

April 22, 2017



I've been asking so many people, "how do you say 'too'?" Most people answer "sana". Alas, I finally have my answer!

April 22, 2017


"Mno" does seem to have several meanings, but this is a dictionary entry for "too", which suggests "mno" is the right translation:
too (adv) = mno,
that is too small = (hiyo) ni ndogo mno.
all too soon/quickly = epesi/haraka mno.

And if you look up "mno", you get:
mno = much, too much, in excess, excessively, beyond measure:
Asali ni tamu mno = the honey is too sweet.

(It doesn't mention "a lot" or "tasty/delicious" at all, so maybe it is only used informally with that meaning in Tanzania?)

May 7, 2018


That's still no answer to me. I have not found any way to actually say "this is too sweet", since it (whether you use sana or mno) also means "this is absolutely delicious!". Unless there is a true and clear word for "too" that I have not yet learned (which is quite possible), I would go for other formulations, like "I don't like (too) much ..." or "Please use less ..."

March 10, 2018
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