"Not yet"


April 22, 2017



Perhaps the most used word, after greetings, in this language.


I'm trying to imagine how it's used after greetings, and what the meaning. Can you help me with that? Maybe an example could be enough...


What I mean is that "bado" is a very frequently used word in Tanzania and Kenya. I was making a kind of joke.

I don't mean it is used after greetings, like Mohammad says, "Habari!" Hello! Ali says, "Bado" Not yet. Bado is not used this way.

It is used to answer the question "Je, umepokea habari mpya?" Have you heard new news? or if someone in distress (like waiting to hear if a relative survived surgery) simply asks, "habari?" news? "bado" not yet.

most commonly, "bado" is used to answer these kinds of questions:

"chakula iko tayari?" is food ready? "bado" not yet.

"Je, una maziwa?" Do you (shopkeeper) have any milk? "hapana. bado haijafiki" no, it has not arrived yet.

Bado also means "still". example: "Je, John amefika?" "hapana, bado yuko njiani" has john arrived? no, he is still on the way.


pixilico, haa, haa, haa, she thought about that the word " bado " is almost as often used as the greatings in swahili. :)

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