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Why isnt there a finnish course yet?

I love the way duolingo teaches languages, and I'ved tried many languages here and it teaches them very very well. But, now in the time of need when i need to learn a language fully and for free, it isnt available. As the title implies; i do want to learn Finnish. And I've seen other people mention about this aswell. So I'm asking why have they not made one at all and to please make one.

April 22, 2017



Many, many, many people have been wondering that also.

A quote from Luis:

I'm not sure when Finnish will be added. I understand people are asking for it, but as you can tell from this thread there are hundreds of other requests


I noticed the 'Please Add Finnish' thread is two years old and has some six hundred comments, at least half along the lines of, "PLEASE CREATE THIS COURSE." I've seen your username come up fairly often as I lurked around discussions, so I'm wondering, would you (or anyone else here, really) know whether any of the existing courses took as long a time to add with the same level of demand?


I personally do not know, and i'm sure some others might, others who have been around a lot longer than i have. I do know that Japanese was requested 2 years ago and was recently added. Though, Japanese does have a different script.

I was looking through the 'Top all time' discussions and the first one that i found that is on Duo was Irish, with 340 up-votes and 316 comments. It doesn't have as big of a demand as Finnish.

From what Luis said, it doesn't seem as if Finnish will be here anytime soon. I think Arabic or Mandarin will arrive before Finnish.


Here is the link to "[GUIDE] I would like a new course: What should I do?"

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