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  5. "Họ muốn những cái thắt lưng."

"Họ muốn những cái thắt lưng."

Translation:They want the belts.

April 22, 2017



Is that lung (sorry no accents) belt or waist-band?? In a previous question it said it was belt but when I typed it for this question it said waist-band was the answer

April 22, 2017


Maybe you made some serious typo, for which Duo bot led you to the closest synonym it can find, waist-band. It may mean waist-band, usually it means belt.

April 23, 2017


I think maybe the issue was I typed "They want the belt" instead of "belts" and it said "They want the waist-bands" was the answer

April 24, 2017


So nhung cai nit is accepted here apparently as belts

December 19, 2018


Can I say "They want some belts"?

September 23, 2019
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