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How to type the answer in Russian

I have made progress in Russian and know the alphabet well: however, I do not know how to type in Russian when only English characters are available and phonetic substitution do not always seem to work for me? Can someone advise me? Thanks so much? Chuck

April 23, 2017



I just type what the letters sound like. There is a list of the Cyrillic alphabet on the first lesson and I think it tells you the English substitutes. If you put those in, it will count your answer correct but say you have a typo. I have just learned the English substitutes through trial and error.


There's a little switch on some of the course pages (at the upper left hand) that says Aa if Duo will present the Latin alphabet (the one we use in English) or Яя if it will present the Russian Cyrillic alphabet. Flip it to Яя.

If you do not have one already installed, you need to install a (software) keyboard layout from your operating system.. This post should be enough for you to do this. If not, ask again. Note the discussion of 2 main keyboard layouts--you have to decide which you will use.

There were at least a couple of posts about this yesterday. Look back through the forums and you may find them. Also do a forum search for something like keybr.com AND Russian or Klavaro AND typing NOT Esperanto for good posts on learning how to touch type in Russian.

Have fun! If you've already learned the Cyrillic alphabet, you should really enjoy typing in Russsian.

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