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  5. "It is difficult"

"It is difficult"

Translation:Ni vigumu

April 23, 2017



How are we supposed to know it is a ki/vi?


Vi- is a prefix that indicates an adverb.


I think I need more clarity. Are you saying that ki/vi must always be used if there is an adverb used with no noun?


From the Adverbs and Conjunctions tips and notes

Just as in English, adverbs are sometimes created from adjectives. In Swahili, there are some adverbs that take on what appears to be agreement with the KI- VI- noun class.

Vibaya - badly

Kidogo - a little, slightly

Vigumu - difficult

Vizuri - well, nicely

So if the adverb has an adjective stem, a good rule of thumb is to assume ki/vi.

That said, "difficult" is not an adverb, but is actually an adjective, so I don't really know how the rule applies here (hopefully someone with a bit more knowledge of grammar rules can weigh in).

If in doubt, I tend to assume ki/vi when the subject is undefined, as the word for "thing(s)" is kitu/vitu. Might not always be marked right on Duo though.


ngumu should be acceptable

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