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Graduation Time!

After several months in beta, the course has been deemed ready for Duolingo's seal of approval, and becomes the 61st course to enter Phase 3: full release.

We'd like to thank all our users (who almost number one million right now!), especially those who have impressed us with their enthusiasm and gratitude for the course, and we also thank you for your thoughtful error reports which help us to improve the course and work out the kinks.

The course is not yet perfect, all this means is that the rate of reports made per active user per week has dropped below a certain level and stayed there for a couple of weeks. Therefore, we still have plenty of work to do, but rest assured that little by little, the course is getting closer and closer to that eternal goal of perfection.

If you have any questions that haven't already been answered in the stickied posts (FAQ|Feedback:Tips & Notes|Welcome!), feel free to ask away!

!תודה רבה על התמיכה, והמון בהצלחה עם הלימודים שלכם

April 23, 2017



Awesome! Thanks for all the hard work. Is this a sign that Tree 2.0 or an English for Hebrew Speakers course is now on its way?


We will certainly get to work on a second version of the tree in due course. We've been told that an English for Hebrew speakers course is not on the horizon, I'm afraid.


Does it mean that we'll have some additional lessons?! Yeeyyy! ^.^ Will you make a sticky post for suggestions? It would be great if we had a lesson about cars (with words like seat belt, steering wheel etc.)


Yes, there'll definitely be some new words and possibly new skills. Keep an eye out for developments.


Do you mean that an English for Hebrew Speakers course won't be done soon, or that it won't be done at all? I hope it's the former; I think a lot of us who are native English speakers would like to take it as a reverse tree, not to mention plenty of Israelis wanting to improve their English. Maybe in a year or two? Not that I'm anywhere close to being done with my Hebrew for English Speakers tree, mind you, and I've just signed up for Esperanto and French now that I'm done with Spanish....

FWIW, I'm just finishing my first month of ulpan in Israel, and the Hebrew course here (along with the Memrise course) has been a really helpful adjunct. I just got moved up out of the beginner's class this week. :-)


Well done!

It won't be in the next few years I'm afraid. We asked and were told that Hebrew doesn't have enough native speakers or a great enough need for those speakers to improve their English for them to consider the course at this stage.


That's too bad. Thanks for asking them though. Not that the current course hasn't been sufficiently challenging for me; I started four months ago with no background in Hebrew beyond knowing the block letters, and even with the boost from a two month stint in Israel, I expect it to take me the rest of this year to complete the whole tree. I'm currently bogged down in the Present Tense 2 lessons - keeping all those sound-alike verbs straight is a bear!

Since I see that you speak Spanish also, do you think there might be a Hebrew for Spanish Speakers course at some point? I would definitely sign up to take that if it were available.


Good question! I would like to be involved with that. I don't know if there are any plans, but I can ask. If I were you though, I wouldn't hold my breath. A lot of the time progress with Duolingo is slow and steady... It's taken them until now to start work on the Japanese course, the Chinese and Arabic ones are not even on the horizon, and people are desperate for a Finnish course, which doesn't even have many obstacles standing in the way of its creation.

Re. the verbs in Present Tense 2, I know what it's like, since I'm currently having a similar struggle with Turkish verbs. When your language is completely different to the target language, you're learning whole new paradigms. Learning French from English is a bit easier because you can link words like sembler (to seem, appear) with "semblance", "resemble" etc. The good thing is that the more of the language you learn, the more internal links you can make, and the easier it gets to remember things. Eg. gerçeklik - reality, gerçekten - really, gerçekleşmek - to take place, or in Hebrew, eg. נסיון - experence/attempt, ניסוי - trial/experiment, לנסות - to try.


Great, thanks, I'd appreciate it if you asked them about creating a Hebrew course for Spanish-speakers. And thanks again to you and your colleagues for creating this one, because I really do think it has helped my progress in learning Hebrew tremendously.


That’s really sad to hear. I was hoping for an English for Serbo-Croatian course to help my mother learn English. But if Duolingo is unwilling to start building an English for Hebrew course, I don’t know if I should be holding my breath. Oh, well...

Thanks for all the work you do.


Great Job!

As an Israeli I have to say you've done a terrific job. Simplifying a quite difficult language like Hebrew for the Duolingo platform must have (and still is) been a challenge and you've made it happen! Reaching almost the one million users mark while still in beta just proves what high demand this course has and how much you guys managed to deliver! Keep it up!

כל הכבוד לכל הצוות על ההשקעה והמסירות!


תודה רבה! :)

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Wow, I'm very excited about that! Good job. : )
When I'm on the homepage of Duo with the Hebrew course there, there's still the sign that says 'IN BETA', but I guess it'll be omitted soon.


For me it's no longer there, so it should gradually filter out to everybody.


Hmm, I reloaded the page a couple of times but it's still there. Maybe it will disappear soon. I'll keep reloading


Yeah, it's gone now!


I've been trying to learn Hebrew for the past 3 months , and I've made quick progress on Duolingo. It has only been 16 days since I started!!!

תודה רבה


Just saw that "IN BETA" has dropped off the page, and went to Discussion to learn what happened. Congratulations! I've been in the Hebrew course for about 8 months, so I've seen how much work went into it and how the course has matured. Great job! And, thank you.


Congratulations! Thank you so much!!

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