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Tips for learning?

Hi does anyone have any useful tips to help me learn more quickly?


April 23, 2017



I see you're learning three languages.

You can learn one language more quickly (although learning any language takes a lot of time), or you can learn many languages more slowly.

Repetition and consistency are key. You're on the right track with a 41 day streak :)

April 23, 2017


Make sure to read the Tips and Notes section of each skill. They really help, especially when not taking classes in person.

April 23, 2017


My advice, based on my experience, and based on how Duolingo is designed:

  1. Practise every day. Little and often works better, and is more fun.

  2. Above all else, keep the tree gold. Weakened skills are how duolingo's spaced recognition algorithms tell you the best time to revise each word. If you revise the skills at the times Duolingo suggests, you'll find it works really well.

  3. Peek when you need to, but not otherwise. Peeking helps you learn the words you need to know, and it tells Duolingo that you need to practise them more often.

  4. If you're comfortable with the difficulty of the skills you're strengthening, and you're getting most questions right, (and if you have time,) do a new lesson or two. Otherwise, use strengthen skills.

  5. Use review lesson after every lesson, to remind yourself about the correct versions of what you got wrong.

  6. Don't worry about getting questions wrong. Your aim isn't to be perfect now, but to be better in the future. Getting questions wrong is part of the process.

  7. Use Wiktionary to look up the etymology of words you find hard to remember. Knowing where a word comes from and where it fits really helps.

  8. Read about the grammar of the language you're learning. It's loads easier to have the patterns of the language explained to you, rather than figuring them out for yourself. Read them briefly, and don't worry if you don't understand them fully the first time you read them. Come back to them from time to time to help you sort out the bits of the language you're finding difficult. The tips and notes sections are fine, but there are plenty of resources elsewhere on the web, most of which are more comprehensive. I like Wikipedia's grammar articles, e.g. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Italian_grammar

Good luck :)

April 24, 2017


Use flash cards (Quizlet, Memrise, Anki, LingVist, FlashcardsDeLuxe, ...).

April 23, 2017
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