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  5. "Tôi thấy khói từ toà nhà đó."

"Tôi thấy khói từ toà nhà đó."

Translation:I see smoke from that building.

April 23, 2017



The English sentence is actually ambiguous as "see from that building" and "smoke from that building" are both possible readings. Is the sense of the Vietnamese "I see smoke (coming) from that building?"


The meaning of the English translation given here is ambiguous. An accurate, unambiguous translation of the Vietnamese has to use "coming". I see smoke coming from that building. Not a literal translation, but it is accurate.


Building is spelled incorrectly as "toà nhà". It should be "tòa nhà"


It is still controversial whether the grave accent should be placed on the letter o or letter a. They both are accepted.


The common rule is that if there're more than one vowel in a word which end with a vowel, the accent marks goes to the second one from the right

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