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Reverse Trees

So I've been considering doing the alternate German/Spanish trees to learn English.

Are there risks like losing my progress in my other languages? I have to switch the interface to German, so wouldn't it delete the languages I'm learning already? How do I do it and what are the risks?

April 23, 2017



No, you won't lose any progress, but it's not too easy to go back and forth unless you install a userscript.

You can find the reverse tree by going to the courses list. On the upper right, there is a drop down menu, I speak __. Change that to "German" and you should hopefully see the English for German Speakers course. Or if you want a link, you can find it here.

If you want to go back to German for English Speakers, go to the courses list, choose I speak English from the drop-down menu, go to the German course, and click "Go to this course" (the phrase "go to this course" will be in German). Ta-daa! You may have to do this to get to your other courses for English speakers.


The userscripts for the old web version don't work on the new web version.


Thanks for pointing that out. I know a lot of them don't work, but there are still some that are compatible with the new code. I've never tried that userscript (that's why I didn't heavily mention it in my comment), so I'm not sure it's compatible, chances are it's not.

For anyone who is interested, here is the link in the Unofficial Duolingo Wiki about userscripts: http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Duolingo_Userscripts


So I've been considering doing the alternate German/Spanish trees to learn English.

That is an excellent idea.

There are no risks.
Here is the link to the English Duolingo Help Center for "How can I learn multiple languages at the same time?"


I don't think there are any risks, switching the interface does not delete anything. You don't see your progress achieved in another interface, but it is still there.

To change the language from which you are learning, you have to go to "Add a new course" from the web site, then choose another language in the field "I speak ..." on top right, then choose a course.

I learn from three languages currently, nothing bad has happened so far. Good luck with your studies.


No it will not, I have switched my interface to Arabic, German, French and Spanish and when I have come back to English it has worked fine. Long story short you will not lose anything. :)

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