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Motivation Issue

As the title mentions I have some motivation issue when trying to learn a language, is there any techniques any of you guys use to stay learning? I would greatly appreciate it.

April 23, 2017



I like to think about being fluent one day and completely understanding everything if I study enough especially when I'm struggling with a certain topic. Finding other websites to practice at or reading an article in your target language could help excite you about learning the language. Then again, the language(s) you are learning might simply not be for you and you should try another to see if you are more motivated. Make sure you have a goal for why you are learning the language, something more than just for fun. For example, I'm learning Swahili so I can help out in Tanzania at places like orphanages. Hope I helped!


Thank you for your advice, I hope you become fluent in Swahili, Thanks again :D


All these are good suggestions. I would also recommend making it a habit. Learning a language doesn't have to be a chore. Make it a set time every day, maybe before you eat breakfast, or right before you go to bed - do a lesson.

If learning a language is becoming more of a chore for you, make it fun! Try some flashcards or make some yourself - don't make them plain, decorate them and put stickers and stuff until you start looking forward to your learning experience.

There are ever so many things you can do, just remember to try to keep it fun and make it a habit.


Thank you, the flashcard site is actually quite fun, I'll stick at it. Thank you :D

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The best motivation is to actually have a reason to learn the language. Unless you are someone who actually finds language learning itself to be entertaining, you will probably need a good motivating reason to do so (like wanting to travel / study / work / live in another country or work for foreign company or become a language teacher or want to be able to read your favourite books in their original language, etc.). If you don't have such reasons or plans for future or if the entertaining aspect doesn't work for you then there is usually nothing that could motivate you enough (since there is actually no point in learning it and your brain knows it :-).


I get on every day as I want to keep my streak! Also, find some friends/family members on Duolingo to compete against, it is the reason I do more than one lesson everyday!


Setting a goal to maintain a streak - say, at first for 10 days, might help. If you're finding the language boring, and you enjoy drawing, you could try making a comic strip in one of the languages you're learning.


When your learning a new language your opening new doors and opportunities for yourself, it adds to your knoledge and makes you a better person in the education sense

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