"Cheti cha daktari"

Translation:Doctor's prescription

April 23, 2017



What do you call a doctor's certificate / medical certificate then? (A piece of paper a doctor gives you to prove, usually to your employer or school, that you are sick. It might not really be a thing in Tanzania and Kenya, I guess.)

April 23, 2017


Tried to find that in the "Swahili Medical dictionary and Phrasebook" . Didn't find it. It seems to be a useful book anyway, for those who have a special interest...

August 9, 2017


Who else would give you a prescription, but the doctor?

July 20, 2017


Cheti cha maumivu?? - sick note - but what would that mean in a Tanzanian context? Bush telegraph would deliver the information, anyway!

August 20, 2017


Most people have a mobile phone in Tanzania

January 9, 2018
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