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Duolingo Course Switcher and Skill Strength Viewer to break on new site

From a different discussion, from someone already switched to new site:

<pre>3) Here is the major impact for me: **Duolingo Course Switcher and Skill Strength Viewer user scripts no longer work on the site.** Now, my switching between forward and reverse tree has become much more inconvenient again. It is annoying but I can live with it. It is nothing compared to the information "Skill Strength Viewer" user script used to display to me. It was showing me the word strength of each skill calculated from the strength of each word in the skill. So, the lowest percent strength skill was the one to refresh. I lost major functionality that I was using in my learning. Not happy at all. Not happy! Did I say I am not happy? </pre>

tolunayo, https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22240575

Oh dear. Would there be anyone with the time and the inclination to rewrite these scripts so that they will work in Duolingo?? I really need the Course Switcher to work because I have three base languages (English, Spanish, and French). And the Skill Strength Viewer has made this site so much more functional!!

I sure hope the authors of these scripts or someone else with the skill and time will be able to modify these scripts so that they work again!

April 23, 2017



Better yet - as they are rewriting things, how about building in this functionality so scripts are not needed?


To switch base languages, click the flag at the upper left of the tree; then click the first letter of the relevant string (e.g. "q" for Spanish)


Wow, I didn't know you could click that. That saves a couple of steps by taking you directly to the language setting. But you have to select the drop-down menu of what you want to learn before you click the first letter of the relevant string.


Wow, literally had no idea you could click the flag and I've been here for years! This is super useful, thank you so much. Even when the from language is different it's still pretty quick.


This flag-clicking method is somewhat broken in the new website upgrade, unfortunately. Instead of seeing all the languages in the menu, you only see the ones from your base language.


That really is a downer. I'd totally forgotten it was you I'd mentioned this to so recently! For now at least looks like I'll have to scrap this piece of advice.


Unless the "from" language is different, in which case there's about five more steps per each language. Now repeat that every day for the foreseeable future :(


Actually, piguy3 is right. I didn't realize you could save some steps with this.

UPDATE: Rather, he used to be right. Some extra steps are needed again because the menu he was talking about has changed.

See this thread and scroll down a bit to see you my response to piguy and my long explanation of how the changes have made switching courses a little more difficult.


The course-switcher is invaluable; I hope that some adept coder can update it for use with the new website.
It would also be very useful if said update could incorporate a scrolling feature into it, as the languages are starting to disappear off the bottom of the screen; I am willing to offer a very large lingot reward to anyone who can do this.


If you you're using Stylish along with your user scripts for some user styles, you can get a scrolling feature by adding this CSS to the stylesheet:

A bit of a disclaimer: I don't actually know what the scroll bar looks like on the normal Duolingo site, since I use a user style to give a dark theme to Duolingo. If the color needs to be changed, you can change the property that says 'background: #222 !important;' The color is the #222 part. Use any other hex code or even rgb(#,#,#) where # is a number between 0 and 255.


Well, shit. Just implement it into the site. Boom! Problem solved and benefits everyone.


Well, I certainly wish they would implement it in the site as a feature! But even with the system re-write, they haven't done so. Perhaps we should start a letter-writing campaign! (The electronic equivalent, of course.)


What the heck is a skill strength viewer? sounds useful. I still have the language changey tab, so I don't think I'm on the new site.


And by the way, that is an excellent question for those who are not familiar with Duolingo userscripts -- or userscripts in general. To make them work, you must install either...
• Greasemonkey (for Firefox, SeaMonkey, and Pale Moon), or
• Tampermonkey (for Safari, Chrome, and Chromium).


I might take a look at it - but certainly not tomorrow, I've got some work to do. I'm not a professional coder but I can do "some things" xD.

This should mostly be an easy fix - that's mainly for the person who wrote the script in the first place (it's easier to fix / understand your own code rather than the code somebody else has written). Unless it's not just a new website, but a completely different system - that might complicate things. But if it's just the website that changed, to fix the scripts, it would mostly just take changing a few identifiers and maybe some layout fixes.


Perhaps this article will give some insight into the extent of the changes: http://making.duolingo.com/rewriting-duolingos-engine-in-scala

(to be clear, I don't know if this is immediately relevant to the matter at hand)


Thanks. But that's just relevant to Duolingo's side rather than client side (code wise). The website will still be in HTML and javascript, you won't receive a single piece of Python or Scala code from Duolingo. Hence why it's most likely an easy fix.

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