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who else is waiting for the Czech course?

I was just wondering how many people are interested in it. I cannot wait!

April 23, 2017


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Me! Even I speak some Czech, but I need something which can force me to learn more and more :)


Me, sir. \o I've been waiting for this course since last year. I have to many reasons to chose Czech as my new foreign language one of which is that last year I watched a Japanese animation called Monster which in some episodes take places in Czech Republic (and in Germany as well), therefore I want to study it so hard. :)

Post Scriptum: I forgot to use comma. lol


I'm hoping it arrives soon! I'm going to Zagreb this summer, and I would like to spend a few days in Prague also, so learning some Croatian and Czech are both on my summer to-do list.


Me! If I may ask, why Czech? I'm interested in it because a family friend speaks Slovakian.


Just out of interest, are Slovak and Czech really similar? Because if your friend speaks Slovak why not learn Slovak? (Sorry if I sounded like I'm interrogating you xD I'm just interested to know if they're similar)

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Hey, native Czech here, yes Czech and Slovak are similar, most of the words have the same base and are just more or less twisted versions of each other (dům - dom - house, stůl - stôl - table, maso - mäso - meat, křičet - kričať - to scream, etc.). Some are even the very same. Certain words are unique for each language too and the grammar behaves different in many/most situations. With some of practice a Czech speaker can fluently understand and almost fluently speak Slovak and vice versa. But there is usually no need of speaking the other language, since normal level of understanding is guaranteed and Czech and Slovakian can have a conversation in which both of them use their own language :-) For a foreigner learning one of the languages, they would probably be understood by the speakers of the other one too, but they would sure have troubles understanding them (unless the foreigner actually masters the language number one and get used to the other one). But part of the understanding for us is being exposed to it for years even in music, radio, tv... so it's still hard to say how a foreigner would deal with this.


I also am from Czech!


yep.they're really similar.Polish is also.


I want to learn it eventually. My reasons are mostly aesthetic, I think it sounds beautiful and I'm also a little bit obsessed with Prague. I just hope the course will have audio for all words.


Courses with TTS do have voices for all sentences, short of glitches. There are very good TTS options available for Czech. My recommendation to Duo will be to go the TTS route and use one female and one male voice from SpeechTech. Iva 2.10 is my favorite: http://www.speechtech.cz/cz/demo-tts#Iva210, so if only one voice can be had, she is it. Jan 2.10 would make it a nice couple.


I'm looking forward to the course as well. Honestly, I couldn't say exactly what it is; something about the language just caught my eye, and I found myself wanting to understand it.

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