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French Youtuber to follow.

Hi, I have been studying French for a week and I want to support my studies with watching videos. Are there any French YouTubers you would like to recommend?

April 23, 2017

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Salut! Je crois qu'ils sont très drôle youtubers en français :)



April 24, 2017


The best way to find a French YouTuber that you will enjoy is by searching YouTube (or Google) in French on the particular subject that you're interested in. This way, if you're interested in fashion and makeup, you don't have to sort through gamers, or anime youtubers.

Do you want a didactic French YouTuber or are you looking for a vlogger en français?

Click this link to read a list of the [10 Essential French YouTubers. Summaries are provided of each YouTuber]http://www.lindsaydoeslanguages.com/10-french-youtubers-to-help-you-learn-french/)

April 24, 2017


i am for colombia and i not undersand ypu

April 25, 2017



April 25, 2017
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