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  5. "Sema baba!"

"Sema baba!"

Translation:Speak father!

April 23, 2017



Can't sema also mean say or tell?


It can. It's also used to greet, its like the Kenyan 'What's up?"


Yes, that's what I'm used to. I'll report next time. I know there are a lot of different modes of speech in swahili, and I'm not saying they should accept every form of sheng or other more local colloquialisms, but I feel these translations are equally valid as speak. Actually I'm used to the word ongea for speaking, like "Naongea kiswahili".


Yeah that's how I read it. In some settings odd to say to your dad or command someone older in general. Assuming "baba" is literal, "father."


I got this sentence as: Say "father/dad"! Heard it a lot like that (e.g. Sema Mambo!)

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