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New outfits? Or not

On my iPhone when I go to the shop there are new clothing accessories available but my lingotes are missing! When the lingotes come back then the accessories are gone. What is going on?

April 23, 2017



There is an A/B test of Gems on mobile. They seem to be a possible replacement for Lingots. You can buy a lot more items with them, like stuff for your avatars. Although, we really won't know for sure until the A/B test is over.

There used to be a bug on iOS that you would see the Gem store if you went to the store immediately after changing language. Return again and you would see that Lingot store instead (as you should). You might be experiencing this.


Yes, those are the same items that I saw.


Thanks for explaining!


Please, show a printscreen!


Here are some images posted by somebody a few months ago:


Things may have changed since then. Perhaps Sarazworks2 can comment (or supply images).

Note: The screen text states Lingots, but they are bought with Gems.


Oh wow, thanks for the link Jimnicholson! Although I'm jealous I don't have iOS to access these cool features, I'm excited for what might be coming to Android.


I don't have access either - it's an A/B test. It will be interesting to see where it goes.


I don't have avatar customization..... ~Blooky

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