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Alguien para practicar?

Alguien para practicar inglés? Saludos.

April 24, 2017

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Good night Sysale. How are you? We only have this forum to practice, so here I am if you need anything. Cheers :)


hello sysale

we can talk


cangura es bueno a barbacoa

Is this correct? Or should it be >"a la "


I know this is super later, but I'm here to help you.

'El canguro es bueno a la barbacoa', it would be the correct way of say it. Btw, I'm from Argentina, and if you need anything Kian, just tell me. But, it's a little bit weird to eat kangaroo ... just saying.


Thank you for the correction as continuing to make the mistakes is not the way to learn. Kangaroo is sold in local supermarkets for humans and pets. It is not my favorite meat as the kangaroo has a very strong earthy smell to the meat. When I travel to South America I want to experience cooking with fire. I think it is called "carne en vara" ........


No problem, I'm here to help you. But, I don't think here in South America we eat kangaroo. But, I wouldn't be surprised at all ... lot of things are happening here, so yeap.

You should google 'Carne a la estaca'. It might be something you would be interested in. Btw, where are you from? If you are talking about kangaroo ... uhm, Australia maybe?


Yes I live in Australia up in the north of the country near the outback. The South American culture especially the traditional cooking is what interests me. I wanted to travel to Central America this year but it will not happen. People who cook with fire are my heroes :) I like basic no gas or electricity cooking if I can do it with fire I do! So I am hoping when I do come to South America to see plenty of restaurants which cook with carbon. I practice my spanish on duolingo and use other programs. Slowly I am improving but sadly my reading is much better than my speaking or listening hmmmmmm


W-O-W. You got all of my attention. First of all, please, I truly apologize if my English sucks. I've been studying it since I'm 2 (I'm almost 25 now), but it is still complicated to get it perfect, ot least decent. Your story is amazing and very interesting, I swear. Here in Argentina we are sort of 'masters' in that sense. We love meat (not me, tbh, I'm a fish-chicken human). Well ... I'm a spanish native speaker, I'm here whatever you need. I think the reading part, is always much easier, than the speaking and listening. We gotta used to train our ears and tongue to new sounds; and that's a very complex process.

I don't know if you'll be interested in this, but, I think it will be worth the suggestion. This is a tv show, that was aired a few months ago. 'Maestros parrilleros' in English would be 'Grill's Masters'. The cookers that appear in the show, are very well known here. They have their own restaurant and they are also dedicated to the cow's farming (I don't know if that's correct, hope you catch it). Then, they sell the meat and they also use it in their restaurant. I leave here the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlTUhQvO-I0 - You can follow the serie if you like. It has many episodes. It's about something you are very interested about, and it will help you with your spanish; both things at the same time.

Your story was very inspirational! Thank you for taking the time to share it to me. Hope you can make that trip soon. And whaetever you need, I'm always swimming in this forum. Don't give up in your spanish, you'll get it in no time :)


I have been using this show to test myself for improvement. https://www.youtube.com/user/TRINEOTV I will watch the show on bbq it looks very good. Cooking on fire is a mans job in South America it seems much like it is in most countries. Although I spoke to a guy from Venezuela who said the women cook but Im not seeing this. Perhaps he means cakes in the kitchen :) Your English is good . It is a difficult language and you are doing well.

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