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  5. "Shamba la mahindi"

"Shamba la mahindi"

Translation:A corn farm

April 24, 2017


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Should "corn field" be accepted as an answer?


According to African Languages - Swahili online dictionary, YES! And most of the uses of the term "shamba" that I ever heard in Kenya referred to a field or fields, or even a garden of produce by a city house. Of course, it did also refer to someone's farm, if they had a farm.


maize is a perfectly good translation!


This time it was accepted for me (10 months later, Feb 2018).


What is the difference in "a corn farm" and "the corn farm"? How can both expressions be written in Swahili?


See BSESNAN's comments above...


In common with many languages across Africa the (the definite article) and a / an (the indefinite article) do not exist in Swahili. Thus , according to context, kitabu is 'a book', or 'the book'. When necessary 'one book' can be signified by using -moja thus kitabu kimoja. 'The' can be indicated by using 'this', 'that' kitabu hiki kitabu kile


In Mexican Spanish, we call the work "chamba". Working at a farm, is a very hard chamba.

We call corn "maĆ­z", which remembers to mahindi. However, mahindi is just the plural of hindi, which doesn't look alike at all.


Isn't it fun when you find something that's reltable to your own language:)

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