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How Can We Report People Misusing The Website Now That Activity Streams Are Gone?

Hello everyone.

This thought just popped into my mind. Because the Activity stream has been removed, we are now unable to report people.

The way we used to do it would be to write to a moderator, who would in turn write to the "offender".

This method has now been removed. While we can, technically, write to people, the messages only appear in the notifications bar, not on profiles, and most messages are too long to be able to read in full in this fashion.

So, spammers are either going to be let loose on the forums, with nobody able to do anything except complain in the comments, or else action will have to be taken without warning, however I suspect it will be the former.

Is there any solution to this?

Thanks for reading,


April 24, 2017



There's already been a post about this topic, here.


I think if you leave a message on their stream, they still get the email notification, even it if doesn't stay visible on their profile page.

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