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"I eat the garlic off the table."

Translation:Eu mănânc usturoii de pe masă.

April 24, 2017



As a romanian, I never heard anyone in romanian to say: 'usturoii'. Even we are talking about hundreds of kilograms,we say in romanian language; 'usturoi' sau 'usturoiul'. There's no clue that we should use this ankward plural when we translate 'the garlic'. It could be translated 'usturoii' only if we have to translate 'the cloves of garlic'. It's nonsense, please remove this sentence and replace it with somwthing useful for the people who wants to learn, not to scratch their head!


The English isn't exactly elegant either. It suggests there is garlic on the table (no plate) and I bend over and take a bite (no fork, no hands). "I eat [the] garlic from the table" sounds better to me. But it's good to know that Romanians say "de pe masă," even if they don't say "usturoii."


Why is it assumed that the garlic is plural? Coming from the english, you could not tell


Why is masă correct, not masa?


Romanian and English do not function the same way. In cases like these, where English needs a the, Romanian does not.


In Romanian, the definite article is omitted in certain prepositional phrases. It also happens in English, e.g. ”at school” or ”in hospital”. In Romanian, “on the table” happens to be “pe masă”, literally “on table”.

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