"Bani vorbesc"

Translation:Money talks

April 24, 2017

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it should be " Banii vorbesc"


Indeed, that's just that kind of sentence where you simply have to use the article. I reported it as well.

We can notice that this is intended to be part of some longer sentence - but as this can be seen as a normal sentence as well, it is frustrating to be marked wrong simply for "fixing it".

And yet once again, the steps that I take are like this: 1) I hear the audio and notice that it is said as "Bani vorbesc." 2) I think: "Can't wait to report that the audio is wrong" 3) I write "Banii vorbesc." - I can't imagine some other way of writing it 4) I get marked as having a wrong answer...


It is not necessarily part of a longer sentence but an idiom in the present form. Also the title of a well known hit by Holograf (look for it on YouTube)


Oh, yes. That too. Still wrongly written.


There is a typo here, correct is ”banii vorbesc” as the other people here mentioned, and as the famous Holograf song says... Without the second ”i” the sentence makes not sense in Romanian and it is grammatically wrong.

Food for soul: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZVxxLajNuI

Lyrics: http://www.versuri.ro/versuri/holograf-banii-vorbesc-corect-_c7a2.html


Mulțumesc, îmi place acest cantec


Since 7 months ago is marked as wrong, yet no one bothers to change it...


It may be gramatically wrong in romanian howver in English, we would omit the definite article, so perhaps this is where the error in translation has come from?

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