"Màu đỏ"


April 24, 2017



This sounds a lot like màu đò


This took me a long time to figure out. For a northern accent, the hỏi goes down with barely a hint of going back up - so ò and ỏ will sound pretty much identical (to a new VN student). Southern accent is very different - goes down then back up and sounds closer to õ than ò.


I learnt that for the northern accent, hỏi is meant to go up then down, but the initial up can get lost so it just sounds like down, or down starting from a slightly higher pitch


There's definitely no tone in Vietnamese that is meant to go up then down, so you must have gotten some incorrect information on that.


I agree with the observation. I asked my Vietnamese wife to pronounce it also and she did not go as low with her voice as the speaker in this course.

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