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Negative Thoughts About Duolingo :/


I know they have removed the activity streams and immersion (which I never got to use) but that doesn't mean you should think the whole of Duolingo is bad because of that. Some people are thinking Duolingo is getting from bad (immersion removal) to worse (activity streams removal) but that isn't true!
Think about everything else instead of focusing on the "bad" things. Lots of languages that can be learnt, a helpful and supporting community, an easy-to-navigate website, additional app(s) to help you learn more than languages (TinyCards, also available on web now, made by Duolingo), etc...
Duolingo is a learning website, not a chatting website. I'm not saying it's bad to chat, I'm just saying that the whole purpose of Duolingo is teach you a language.
Most of you will be happy to hear this: I think they're thinking of adding something related to activity streams and it'll hopefully come soon.
Last of all, I saw that someone put their bio as "Duolingo is dying". I wouldn't say it's dying. I'd say it's injured(ish) and when it gets well, it'll be better than before.

Always be grateful and look to the positive side,

April 24, 2017



Actually, the combination of a hopeless search function and the removal of activity makes the boards completely unnavigable for me. :-/


For a "learning website" as you put it, they sure are taking a lot of steps to ensure you won't learn anything else than l'homme, el hombre, l'uomo, der Mann or whatever language you are learning.


...or caring about maintaining said helpful and supportive community.


You are right, they are very rude towards their public, they could have developed the new site while the old one was still fully functional, or if there was an emergency like a serious security bug, they could have fixed it until the new site was ready instead of cutting off people like that.


The streams and the Forum have always been slow and generally not worked very well. They really need to rewrite the code to make them work better for the users (us) and work better, faster, more efficiently as a computer program. I don't see how they could do that without inconveniencing the users for a while.

Saying that Duolingo does not care about " maintaining said helpful and supportive community." is unfair and sets unrealistic expectations for how they are supposed to do this.


Unfair how?

I can understand that Duolingo thinks big and designs its services for the potential tens of millions of users out there.

But it can't simultaneously expect the helpful community it's created to remain and stay active and help other users (by creating and beta testing courses and replying to sentence discussions and on the forum) if it takes away the reasons and methods for the members of that community to do that.


I agree! And happy 1200 streak anniversary annika_a!


How are they supposed to rewrite the code while it is in use on the website?

As you said they have tens of millions of users - that takes a lot of computer resources. With millions of people accessing the website all the time it is going to slow down. By removing streams and immersion that have freed-up some computing power to help the rest of the site to run more smoothly.

As far as I can tell, the courses and language lessons are the main feature of Duolingo. Those features are still available, and they are adding new courses all the time. It would be a great resource if that was all that was available.


How are they supposed to rewrite the code while it is in use on the website?

Are you serious? One first writes code, and only then implements it. Simple.

The courses are indeed the main feature of Duolingo, but there are plenty of other courses available out there. And a lot of the quality of the these courses is down to users beta testing them and replying to users' questions in the sentence discussions. That's the extra value Duolingo courses have which those of other sites generally don't. Will they still have them in the future, though?


Duolingo is just a stepping stone. It isn't supposed to let you achieve fluency. The vast majority of people aren't fluent after completing their tree. Maybe at a A2-B1 level instead.


The vocabulary may be A2-B1 level depending on the course, but if they remove everything that helps you learn, you have to stay here 10 times longer to reach that level (which in a way isn't bad for them).

[deactivated user]

    Especially with ads and gems and health (I don't have either of these)


    How about you try to find the latest Weekly Incubator Update post and then we can talk about how easy the site is to navigate. I had to use Google, if you figure out another way to do that, I'd be glad to know. Last week I could just read my activity stream and find the link to it there.


    I used to search the date (so "April 16th" in this case) if I have wanted to find one and maybe add AND incubator (or && incubator) if there were too many results. Now it's on one hand easier because of the linked posts and on the other more difficult because there have been some biweekly editions.


    I agree - thanks for saying this!

    I'm not thrilled with some of these changes either (I joined after Immersion had already been removed, and was unfortunately part of the A/B test without an Activity Feed from the get-go, so I never got to experience either feature firsthand, but both seem like great things and unfortunate removals from Duolingo), but there's still so much good to be found in Duolingo. It's easier to notice the positive things that we don't have anymore than the positive things that we still have. (People don't talk that much about what a wonderful feature Activity is while we still have it and it's being taken for granted - it's only once it's removed that it causes an uproar. The forums may be slow, yes - but at least they exist.)

    Duolingo isn't perfect, I'm the first to agree, but it's far from terrible. Where else can you learn such a wide variety of languages (and if achieving fluency in your language of choice isn't realistic using Duolingo alone, you can still get a pretty solid grasp of it) completely for free? Maybe there are other places like this out there... but I doubt there are a great number.

    It's not a bad thing to communicate to Duolingo the things we aren't happy about (whether or not they're listening, we can at least try to make our voices heard), but that doesn't mean we should overlook all the great parts of it.


    People are just averse to change. I spent over a year on Duolingo just doing language exercises and completing my trees, before I even knew about their other features. If the site was pared down to just the language exercises, it would still be an immensely valuable resource. And all for free.

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