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"This hospital does not accept health insurances."

Translation:Diese Klinik akzeptiert keine Krankenversicherungen.

March 1, 2013



Is there a difference in meaning between 'clinic' and 'hospital' in English? In German, 'Klinik' and 'Krankenhaus' are usually used interchangeably. I'm not aware of any difference in meaning. Any German health professionals on duolingo?


In (Australian) English, a "clinic" is usually a small doctor's office in a small town with only a couple of doctors working there.

A "hospital" is a large place with many buildings, wings and rooms, with lots of surgeons and doctors.

You go to a clinic (we call them GP's here in Australia) if you just want a general check-up or if you want to get a prescription for something. You go to a hospital if you've been in a car accident or you need surgery or something serious like that.


OK, thanks! So a 'clinic' in AusE is more like a 'Arztpraxis' in German. One more false friend neutralized :-)


Same thing in Canada.


Klinik is a clinic krankenhaus is a hospital and annehmen is to accept

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