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Duolingo or Memrise?

I have an profile for Memrise and Duolingo . I am amzing at memrise but duolingo I am not so good at but I want more words

April 24, 2017



Why not both? I use both: Duolingo to understand the structures, and Memrise to learn words.

A lot of Duolingo courses have corresponding courses on Memrise. You might find it helpful to study the words of a section first on Memrise, and then study that section here on Duolingo, where you learn how to use them.


I use Duolingo for grammar and Memrise for verbs, they complement each other perfectly :)

[deactivated user]

    They both fill different spots in the language learning hobby, they compliment each other quite well. I use both.


    the more resources you have, the better - hit it from all angles!


    Both. They have different strengths and weaknesses, so they complement each other nicely.

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