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How many points do you give your students per lesson?

April 24, 2017


  1. Hey, If the kids are truly committed to lerning a language, they'd better do something about it. If the kids don't get 150 points or higher, they get a percerntage of that correlating it with how many points they did have. "Test Out Of Lessons" are worth 4, and "Test Out Of ... Lessons" are worth 6.


Thanks. I was doimg that too


I assign 50xp per week to my classes. It's worth 5 points per week, one per lesson. I have a cap on what percentage homework can be worth in the final grade. This way, I make sure they're going on, and those little 5 point assignments add up quick, so they need to stay on top of it. Anything beyond those lessons aren't worth extra, but they can backfill missed lesson. Additionally I offer prizes and bonuses for hitting certain levels. I have a 6th grader right now who started in January and already has 10,500xp. No joke. It's a great indicator of who the intrinsically-motivated learners are.

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