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Pronunciation Collaboration

Hello there.

Is there some way native speakers can help with pronunciation?

I think Duolingo could have that feature, I've seen many misleading pronunciations in Portuguese, and I'm not sure if "writing" a report on the error is making a good effect....

Is anyone in charge of it?

March 16, 2014



I don't believe that Duolingo will implement this, but what about a user driven effort? For example, it should not be too much work to collect a good selection of sentences from a skill, record them and upload them as a plain mp3 file somewhere. Or maybe only those sentences with bad pronunciation. If several people do a skill each, we'd soon have a library of sentences spoken by real people.

I've also checked the German voice, but I find it really good, I think it's not worth the effort there. But for the portuguese voice I cannot judge.


I like this "user driven" idea very much. I've seen some dictionaries using that, you can hear several versions of the same word.

And that's good to know, I've finished the German tree. It looked ok, but of course I wouldn't know if there were particularities.

Duolingo is not a mess, no. In gerneral it's good with Portuguese too, but there are some flaws.
In Portuguese, the spelling alone is not enought to tell a word's pronunciation. Some words work like "read", there are two pronunciations for two different meanings. The vowel sound has its rules, but between the possibilities, words don't follow a pattern. Thus the importance of correcting the pronounciation.

Like in German, where plurals add an umlaut, like in "Stuhl -> Stühle", Portuguese also changes some pronunciations in plural, but without adding any symbol: "corpo -> corpos".


I think they won't do it, but IF there are enough users doing it already, then they might implement it, to make things easier for users...

But they probably wouldn't go to all that effort without knowing it would succeed... But they might.


Hi, I'm brazilian and I saw some pronunciations really wrong '-' but how can I help you?


I am Brazilian too, and I want to help. I hope the staff could help somehow.


I agree. Not always, but there are times that I'll learn a word on here, and then hear it later in a song...pronounced differently. Also, I've tried the 'learn English from Portuguese'. The pronunciation of a lot of the words had me saying to myself, "I've NEVER heard an English speaker prounounce this word like this."


I was just about to post a discussion on this very topic but then I saw this one so I may as well post it here.

Allow users to upload their own audio.

I'm learning Portuguese and the consensus seems to be the audio is pretty poor and in some cases incomprehensible, even to a native.

In the same way we can upload documents why not allow native speakers to upload their own version of the audio as an alternative?

Something like this. http://www.forvo.com/word/lisboa/

Duolingo could put the link below their own audio.

Another suggestion I have is to move the audio button to the other side of the page, so we can test our listening skills a few times before attempting an answer. At the moment it's virtually impossible to listen again without seeing the written words, moving the button would help with this. But really the audio needs improving first.

It would be nice to know if duolingo is at least considering this...


Perharps, Duolingo could do a sound library with the native speaker records. Then, other native speaker could vote positive to those which have a good pronunciation. The most negative one could get erased and the others we can listen to a list of good pronunciation stuff.

I think Duolingo must have something that allow only the native speakers to record and vote the records of their native language.

I would like to help.


I agree with you, are you learning Portuguese from English?, is it on beta as it is from Spanish=


I think it's pretty much fine, except that it's absolutely impossible to hear o/a before meu/teu/seu etc. and after para. Apart from that, I can't really complain.


In general it's good, but there are lots of vowels being said wrong.

ô with ó sond, ó with ô sound. Wrong stressed syllables and so...it's not a complaint, not really, I'd like to help somehow.

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