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  5. "Nyumba haitafaa"

"Nyumba haitafaa"

Translation:The house will not be suitable

April 24, 2017



Could this also mean "The house will not suffice"?


Can anyone explain why there is an 'i' in the prefix? I would expect this to be 'hatafaa' not 'haitafaa'. Have I missed a rule about lengthening vowels in certain situations?

Edit: I have learned that third person verbs for 'it' have to match the noun class to which they refer. This wasn't made clear in the grammar lessons provided but I have found good info from supplemental sources.


Nyumba is part of the N/N class

nyumba yangu - my house

nyumba zangu - my houses

nyumba ya mkulima - the house of the farmer

nyumba za mkulima - the houses of the farmer

nyumba ni kubwa - the house(s) is/are big

Present Tense

nyumba inafaa - the house is suitable

nyumba zinafaa- the houses are suitable

nyumba haifai- the house is not suitable

nyumba hazifai - the houses are not suitable

Future Tense

nyumba itafaa- the house will be suitable

nyumba zitafaa- the houses will be suitable

nyumba haitafaa - the house won't be suitable

nyumba hazitafaa - the houses won't be suitable

Past Tense

nyumba ilifaa - the house was suitable

nyumba zilifaa- the houses were suitable

nyumba haikufaa - the house wasn't suitable

nyumba hazikufaa - the houses weren't suitable

Present Perfect

nyumba imefaa - the house has been suitable

nyumba zimefaa - the houses have been suitable

nyumba haijafaa - the house has not been suitable

nyumba hazijafaa - the houses have not been suitable

Disclaimer: This is how I understood it. I am only mwanafunzi wa kiswahili


Where did you get this information from please?


most of the info is here, as well as the classes of most nouns if you search for them: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Appendix:Swahili_verbs


Ha is negation, the 'i' is the subject prefix referring to house - not being up on my noun classes I'm not able to say which noun class i is the subject prefix for, except it must be the one house belongs to!


It is the N/N class


Yes, and often also called the i-/zi- class, because of the concord prefixes.


It may be the i-/zi- class, but it is not easy for me ;-)


"The house will not suit" is equivalent in English.


Sufficient is a synonym of suitable in this context

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