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Funny Mistakes!

Rumor has it, we learn from our mistakes. Once in a while, the mistakes can be very amusing. Post YOUR funny mistakes!

Instead of:

He consejo para tí. Trate a cada hombre como un caballero.

I said:

Hago conejo para té. Tratar cada hambre comí un caballo.

I have advice for you. Treat every man like a gentleman.

I make rabbit for tea. To treat every hunger, I ate a horse.

April 24, 2017



As i've mentioned in another thread, I learned the hard way that "embarassado" in Spanish (spelling?) does not mean embarrassed.


So hilarious! You made my day! :-D

Funny story of mine: "Es tempa jourma morte" - what? :-D

This is what I understood when a friend said something in Portuguese... I wasn't able to identify any of these words, so I could only try my best to write up what I heard... :-D


I got another one... If one is talking money and doesn't know the numbers ;-)

That would be about 2 mil reais

2 million? :-D :-D

Initially I thought "mil" would be the word for "million", but out of context I knew that has to be wrong... I laugh a lot when such things are happening :-)

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