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Duolingo Vs Babbel, Memrise & Rosetta Stone

If i have these 4 programs to learn - Which program helps more with one thing and another for something else? Should one only use a combination of two programs? Which is better for grammar/vocabulary/memorization/etc.?

April 24, 2017


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I can only compare Duolingo and Memrise. One year ago I started to learn German and used both of them, it felt though that Duolingo was helping me more, on memrise I only practiced vocabulary in "duolingo german vocabulary" course done by some person who used duolingo and wanted to practice on memrise.

Now I am half down the French tree and decided to not progress farther before practicing the previous lessons well, but recently I have started the Official Memrise French course and after finishing just 1st part (total is 7 parts) I feel like it's much more practical than Duolingo.

The official memrise courses were just offered recently and I feel kinda sorry they weren't there when I started German. For beginners they look like great thing to do.


thanks for the comment


I would recommend NOT doing Rosetta Stone, it's slow, convoluted, and frankly outdated. Other than RS I have only used Duolingo, and although it has its flaws, it's the program I recommend the most to just beat some spanish or the like into your brain and get comfortable reading/speaking

  • A tip.Never download Shitstone you can literally download it from piratebay too see how shit it is. So yeah


thanks for the comment


In my opinion Grammar and writing - Duo

Speaking and Communication - Babel

Both programs are extremely good although you have to pay for Babbel but it has a thing that Duolingo lacks a little bit which is Communication. Well it's just my opinion.

The only thing i use Memrise is vocabulary dont use it for sentences and speaking because it translates everything literally word to word. Hope this helps


I find for Rosetta Stone you need to have previous knowledge of the language as they don't actually teach you the English translation. Also, if you get Gold you can talk to coaches which I find helps my speaking a lot!


I've used Rosetta Stone for a couple languages I didn't know, and picked things up well enough. The concept behind Rosetta Stone is that it doesn't translate. It tries to get you to understand the language without translating it in your head to English. Doesn't work well for everyone, but it's by design that way.


Rosetta Stone only shows you pictures and expects you to memorize it and no explicit explanations or translations are given; plus it is criminally overpriced. I unfortunately don't have much experience with Babbel so I can't really speak for that. So that leaves us with Memrise vs. Duolingo. Memrise isn't bad, but it's not the best. Just as with Rosetta Stone, it has you depend on memorization and doesn't really give you an explanation, though I will say it is set up much better than Rosetta and isn't a bad alternative if you wish to use a second site to learn. Duolingo is the best in my opinion because it offers explanations and let's you ask questions to others in the community, and just has more useful learning features.


Rosetta Stone was not very good for beginners. I used it for a week or so and I found it to be difficult because they didn't offer explanations. They just showed you a picture and expected you to know what was going on. Memrise is very good for vocabulary only. The way it drills words into your head works well. I learned both the greek and Russian alphabets in two days. It don't mean I spent two whole days; I spent about 30 minutes a day for two days. Duolingo is the best for learning everything except pronunciation. It could use a little work...


thank you for the info

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