I want to practice with someone in English

Quiero practicar con alguien en inglés................

April 24, 2017

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Tell me where are you from, maybe this could be a good pint of entry to start talking about things we have in common and then go deeper and talk about preferences and hobbies :D, I am from México, and I recently finished studying industrial engineering, I am practicing my english to get a better job in another area, how about you?

April 25, 2017

Hola... Hi all :V

i would study your english

Hello Cristina How are you today

I am fine thank you Are you having a nice day?

Hi, Cristina, where are you from?

I am from Georgetown Texas

Hi Me too i want practice english


jajaja que loco eres

hi cristina how are you

good very good, were is the come from you

Hi, I'll be happy to help you, besides that I also need help with English JAJAJAJA.

I can! English is my mother tongue and I live in the United States!

Hi Samuel, I need help too, I can help you with your spanish :)

Hi there! where are you from?

Hello, I'm from El Salvador and you ? How old are you? What do you do ?

Practical en ingles

Hi Cristina How are you?

I'm Fine! I want to practice English with you. =D I'm from Ecuador.

hi, how are the group?

i need it, too if you want i can be your english partner

this is my skype id: jmike2192 if you want add me or you can send me a friend request on fb, i'm like Mike Ismaley

Hello Cristina.... If you want we can practice english

Hello. Cristina Do you like to practice english with me?

Hello. How are you?

Very good. What do yo do?

where are you from? Cristina

I want. I am from Chile, my dear.

Hello, let s practice when you want.

Yo también deseo practicar con alguien

bueno pues podemos practicar cuando quieras

quiero en este momento, comienza tu

I need practice please

Well, I can help you with your English we can practice when you want only here in duolingo !!!!

It's okay when you want to practice

Hi friends, I want to learn too.

Yo también.

te puedo ayudar i can help you

okay voy a ser una clase para que te ayude okay soy una maestra de collegio

Oh maestra que bien

hola voy aser lo orita y te mando la invitasion sale

hi friends, i want to talk with someone for practice my english

anybody here?

Hi :D where are you from? how many time have you been in duolingo?

i am new in this of Duolingo but i can talk so so! i going to be online all the night!

Hi, I'm learning english too, we can practice!

hello how are you?

Hi Jorge :) im fine and you? where are you from?

Hello Ana I m from Colombia and you?

what time do you practice duolingo?


Me gustan los bizcocho

hi, I would like to practice with you

hello, why do you practice english?

Alguien que desee practicar inglés via facebook skype

Yes . I would Mike with you

Hi, my name is Pablo

fine n.n where are you from?

I am from Mexico and you

I'm from Venezuela

so you speak Spanish right

o que bien yo tambien

Hi, how are you, nice to meet you !

I'm fine, I would like to get more experience in the english.

okay what you need to know about this english

I need to practice talking o chat with another person

Do you have some way to chat with you ?

only here on Duolingo

ok, tell me how old are you ? I'm 24 years old

i want too, if you want could we talk

Hello Cristina, hi Karen I want to practice too, but I need practice writing and speaking. And how's your pronunciation going?

hi, you should practice with me

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