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  5. "A bowl and coffee"

"A bowl and coffee"

Translation:Un bol et du café

March 1, 2013



That damn du! Everytime!


The best part of learning a language is learning about the culture, as well. Another Duo translation had to do with "un bol et du café," and commentors mentioned that, in the South of France, they do indeed drink coffee from a bowl. Charmant!


I read it as "A bow and (a) coffee" although that may just be a bad assumption on my part. I thought the du was unnecessary here.


When you talk about "coffee" in general, you do have to use "du café" in French. A better way to phrase it would probably be "a bowl and (some) coffee" instead of "a bowl and (a) coffee".


Si je commandais un bol de qqc et du café je dirais "un bol (de n'importe quoi) et un café". Ne pourrait-on pas interpreter la phrase comme ça ?

[deactivated user]

    Perhaps: A bowl of coffee => Un bol de café. A bowl and ! coffee => Un bol et (du) café


    Just a normal Canadian breakfast ;-)

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