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Duolingo please read

Who thinks duolingo is going to go down the drain for taking the stream off. It's great and all but it won't be the same without the stream. I mean without it how will we be able to talk with the friends that we have made on duolingo.

If you agree with even just a little bit of what I said. leave an up vote.

April 24, 2017



Is it annoying? Yes. Is Duolingo "going down the drain"? No, it's not. It still provides it's core function and purpose: teaching languages for free.


There is going to be something "Even Better" coming soon. (Supposedly)!


Yeah but we don't know for sure and they won't give us any information on it.


That is why I say "Supposedly":)


Yeah but we don't know for sure

Yes, we do. The admins talked about it quite a bit in the activity removal announcement post.


I skimmed through the entire comments list and did not see any of the assurance you speak of. As far as I know nobody, besides the Duo team knows anything for certain.


They said that they are definitely working on something to replace the activity stream. Whether it's better or not depends, but there will certainly be a replacement.


Luis, the CEO, gave exactly that assurance:


...and it was you he was replying to!


Yes I know that but I was under the impression that the activity stream replacement might not come until sometime after every thing is switched over to the new code. Because if I'm not wrong, quite a few users have the new code already but they don't have an activity stream or a replacement. Which means we will have to wait for them to add it sometime in the future, and not to sound pessimistic here, but you all know how long we have waited for some of the other features we have been promised.


Yes I totally agree! I had the A/B test but I was patiently waiting till I had my stream back, then BOOM!!! they announce that it is gone forever!


how do you make friends on duolingo? I can't see how to do that, or even respond to people who have commented on my posts. I can't even see my own posts!


You used to be able to do that


Me! I totally think that.


yeah ive been trying to fix my computer cause i thought it was to slow for chrome this is not cool i have some friends that help me with spanish why did they take it down this is infererating we need to adress this to the public if u dont want the social part get the app u cant be social on there


Yes, I agree with you!


It would be best if Duolingo had the stream again! It helped a lot.


I do hope that they read this!

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