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Learning languages on different "base-languages" not possible?

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    I'd like to learn different languages but my mother-tongue is German, so there are only 3 language-courses available. So I started learning French in German and thought about learning Russian as well - which is not available for German learners.

    Problem: As soon as I switch my profile-language to English (so I could learn Russian), all my progress in French is lost. If I switch back to German, the Russian course is not listed in my profile.

    Isn't there a possibility to link courses to a profile with switching base-languages? So I could learn Russian based on English without loosing my progress in French (which I started in German).

    I hope I described the problem well enough. Maybe someone got a solution (maybe with other base-languages)?

    Thank you in advance for your contribution.

    Best, Kiritschu

    April 24, 2017

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    Your profile only shows the languages for the base language that you are currently in, but you don't lose any progress by switching between languages. They are all still associated with your account.

    I switch back and forth between English and German as a base language on a daily basis and I still have all of my progress in every language.

    [deaktivierter User]

      Thank you for your fast answer. Yes, switching is possible.

      I wanted to ask if it is possible to use the courses 'without' switching. Maybe you noticed that after switching, the language-courses you took in the first language can't be continued without switching back to the other base language. (In my case, after switching to English I could start with Russian, but I'd have to switch back to German to learn French to not 'lose' my progress, since I'd have to start a 'new' French course if I don't switch back to German.)

      I think it would be more comfortable to be able to set different base-languages respectively to each course. Is something like that planned? Or is it possible to reach someone who programmes/administrates this website to ask for such a feature?

      Until this is available, I might have to keep switching (as you do, as far as I've got it right). It's not a big problem, just an idea which might make the website a little more comfortable for the users.


      Yes, it's a little annoying, but you do have to switch back and forth between languages in order to access th different courses.

      There is a browser plugin that makes switching between courses in different base languages easier, but I don't have a link handy because I've never found switching to be enough of a hassle to get me to install it.

      [deaktivierter User]

        Hm... then I will look for something like this. Thanks :-)


        Install tampermonkey or greasemonkey (depending on your browser), click here and then click on "raw". Go to Duolingo, reload your current site, change the course manually once again and after that, you can use the course switcher.

        But since the staff reprogrammed the code of the website and since this code is being rolled out to all users piecemeal, be prepared that this won't work on the new website anymore.

        [deaktivierter User]

          Thank you, I will install it - and thanks for the warning as well. Maybe it will be adjusted to the new website some day.


          Dein Fortschritt wird nicht verloren. Wenn Sie zur Franzoesisch-kurse zurueckkehrt, sollen Sie sehen, dass er noch da bleibt.

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            Es ging um die Möglichkeit, die Kurse zu wählen, ohne zur anderen Basissprache zurückkehren zu müssen.

            Lerne eine Sprache in nur 5 Minuten am Tag. Kostenlos.