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Can Duolingo re-add the Friends feature?

Can Duolingo re-add the Friends feature? I really enjoyed it,as I could see who I was following, how many I was following, and who was following me. It was removed when the Activity stream was removed, although the Friends feature didn't particularly affect the stream. Also, the option to follow another user is still available, so how would that help you if you didn't know exactly who you were following. I know there are other users out there who found this feature fun and enjoyable as well, so I think it would be nice to have it back again.

Who else liked this feature? Please comment below!

April 25, 2017



I believe you can still see who's following you and who you're following on your profile.


Duo said there will be something to replace it but didn't say exactly what or when


I, berniesandwich, and starboystellan can all see it. Of course I can't see it on the Activity stream, but if you go to your profile you should see it on the right, under the achievements box (you can find your profile here or by hovering over your username in the top bar and clicking Your Profile). Try checking again, and if you still can't see it, perhaps you are in an A/B test. The Status page indicates that nothing is wrong, so I would be surprised if Duolingo is down.

Hope this helps!


I still can't see the feature. I can on my home page, but I can't see it on my profile.


Perhaps you are part of an A/B test. If you don't know already, A/B tests are code that Duolingo tests on 10% of their users before applying the new code to the whole site (if they decide to implement the new code). If this is the case, it should come back shortly.


Apparently I am part of an A/B test.


I can still see who i'm following, though I don't have the activity streams


I want activity back I WANT ACTIVITY BAAAAAAACK!!


I and the activty

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