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  5. "La tortue mange du pain."

"La tortue mange du pain."

Translation:The turtle eats bread.

March 1, 2013



Whats the speaking difference between "pain" and "pomme"? I hear the same thing.


"pain" has a nasal sound. please click here and use the small loudspeaker at the bottom right corner of the box: https://translate.google.fr/?hl=fr&tab=wT#fr/en/pain

"pomme" is just POM (lips tight at the end)


A comment on turtle and tortoise being both being tortue...I'm just going to hope there is actually two different words in french!


Same in Spanish - one word for both. Just don't chuck a European tortoise in the ocean, please.


Mais non, un seul mot: une tortue.


If you really wanted to be specific, you could say "tortue terrestre" or "membre de la famille des Testudinidae" (not sure on the singular word for Testudinidae...), but Sitesurf is right. "Tortue" covers all members of the Testudines order.

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