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  5. "Noi nu promitem, facem!"

"Noi nu promitem, facem!"

Translation:We do not promise, we do!

April 25, 2017



It sounds like a soundbite for a company. It could have a positive meaning. To promise, noi promitem, is a commitment for the future. Facem, we do, is a statement of action NOW. just means we are doers not talkers. Walk the walk not talk the talk


What does this mean? It doesn't make sense! Can someone please clarify the meaning?


I sure does. This is something I or YOU or anybody more or less interested in politics would say to those #$@#*() politicians. Because THEY do promise BUT NEVER fulfill their promises. BUT WE PROMISE AND WE COMPLY, at least in business, because IF NOT, we are out of the market. THEY can promise anything and NEVER comply because there will always be enough people stupid enough to vote for them again and again !!!


Thank you nahuatl1939 for explaining. I get it now.


you're welcome lovele4min


Except that it says we do not promise. But your general gist is right.


Or, we do not just promise, we do!


Gândește-te la inima ta ...

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